Review: Marvel Heroes

Everyone praises free to play games due to the financial non commitment you can make to them for example spend a fiver and get one character or 2 depending on how much of a complete douche bag the developers are. Case in point brings me to Marvel Heroes or to be correct marvel characters in Diablo except the nice things that make Diablo great.

The game is developed by Gazillion and they do a great job and taking the Diablo formula and implementing into the marvel Heroes game, so much so that it feels like your playing Diablio except without the 10 year wait or the polish etc. The game it self is FREE TO PLAY and the developers are generous enough to give you 5 starting characters with Hawkeye, Storm, Spiderman, the Thing and scarlet witch (I think) and that is basically it. All the other characters you can obtained through character packs or as DLC for the nice price of…………….60 quid.

Really 60 quid for 4 characters in a pack and some shitty costumes! REALLY for 4 fucking characters. It cost 40 quid to buy an incomplete game from GAME but 60 quid for 4 characters COME ON PEOPLE. Who is running your marketing and finances! Wal-mart! Cineworld! MacDonald I wonder out much the production cost because your trying to do some serious recouping by the looks of it. The DLC characters are 10 quid a piece without costumes. (so fuck you if your thinking I am going to spend that much to play as Deadpool when I can buy a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 for the same price and get 60 characters per game). Even SWTOR wasn’t as brutal in there approach to monetising the game oh wait you had to either sub or spend cartel coins to get certain features of the game.

Okay the game overall is fun to play for about 2 hours or if you complete chapter one after that IT IS BORING AS FUCK even if you team up with some people like I did via Steam and it did nothing but smash left click>random rotation>left click etc with the odd right click to kick hordes back (I was playing Hawkeye). The character customization is none existence all kits/parts/items etc look the same. Nothing that make your Hawkeye stand out compared to the bazillion other purple wearing retards out there can make your feel unique or different. The alternative costumes would have been a better choice for items instead monetizing the shit out of it….fiver for a costume fuck you!!!

The game looks like it has been in development since 2007 considering I played the thing on all HIGH settings on my PC and it is the most uninspiring, bland and boring environment sets I have ever seen in my life. Seriously I know it free to play but for God sakes put some quality and polish on it, if your wanting  me to part with my money. I have already admitted to being a Magpie you idiots am attached to shiny objects, so getting me to spend stupid amounts of money on a object i would not have owned in the first place requires something to get me  spending WHICH YOU DON’T! Instead I question who smart idea was it to release a game like this. Yes free to play games are popular but to get people spending you need Quality something that clearly doesn’t exist in your accountants, directors, designers, management or board of directors or jackasses

Overall the game is great as it is free and that’s about it, in my opinion but should you need to spend money on characters and characters packs! DONT. use that money on food, drinks, or flushing down the toilet because giving your money to those idiots makes you a greater idiot for a below average game which was clearly either a Tax write off or something more sinister. If you must play a game with Marvel characters look at the list below

Ulimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (if your brave)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (you look not being to touch the floor)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or 2 or Both

…………………..that is it!

TL;DR My opinion of the game

but if your in need of a Superhero MMO game try DC universe………….it pretty good compared to this game.

If I have butchered the english langauge then I will apolig…FUCK YOU

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