Why SWTOR is stepping stone to micro transactions for all EA games.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most expensive MMO ever produced and is a “sequel” to the Knights of the Old republic made by Bioware studio.  The original game was brilliant, the story, the characters and the being able to travel the galaxy trying to stop Dart Malek from building a Doom day factory was excellent. KOTOR was the first game that I played that had  a morality system where your decisions affected the game in the long run for example killing a character story wise will affect the game later on this included side quests as well.  AS for SWTOR  not so much, you have 4 classes and there the same on both sides but branded differently for example smugglers are the republic  answers to Imperial agents they both function as  rogues and thieves.

Now when the game first released, it was a subscription based MMO like world and was hyped up as a WOW killer. When in fact, it was a WOW reskined as Star Wars. Now the subscription, was typical in its approach; you paid and got access to the game that was it, but there was one major problem……..it was badly managed beyond belief. The game had ghost servers by the second month. Most of the early adopters had moved on Tera and other stuff and didn’t care about the game any more, others got pissed at the patches and rebalancing as it did very little for the over powered scum bag Sith sorcerers would would lighting spam and group heal like no tomorrow in PVP and PVE.  The end game at the time sucked and that was it as they was very little to do.

This series of bad decisions almost killed the game by May as they were hordes of ghost severs and the hardcore were wanting to switch servers to more populated places (which I did as well , when I randomly did until May were I quit the game as it sucked sooooo much I hated it. It was dead, boring and there was zero to do.

By June EA (Scum Bags) and Bioware (what Bungie was to M$, is the same as bioware is to EA) decided to “save the game” by making it “free to play”. The reason I use free to play is that it isn’t really free tot play as you are basically restricted to the max, once you smack level 10. You can’t do PVP, flashpoints, exp is capped, no space missions, you cant respawn in the field, you cant use artefacts or purple grade items, you can’t do heroic area’s like section X, you cant use certain species of characters, you cant use titles, you cant use companion customization items, you can only use 2 crew skills at a time. Bascially you cant use more than 8o% of the game at any given time and your completely at the mercy of Bioware and EA (mostly EA).

Now you say, what’s all that got to do with EA? well it does, with free to play came cartel coins that allows players to buy features of the game if they still ain’t subbed to the game and cartel coins are purchased through real MONEY. why is this a problem well number 1 its a pay wall 2 it not really free to play, its free to play with hordes of restrictions and 3 you can buy things that make playing the game easy for example ship parts and EXP gainers. SERIOUSLY THAT SUCKS.

EA have come out and said their introduction micro transactions to all there games in the future that includes the FPS hipsters game Battlefield, Sims, FIFA (bro) Madden, UFC, etc. so in stead of unlocking things or grinding towards them you basically purchase them. My problem with this is that it makes gamers who have already become lazy thanks to this generation of spoon feeding them the game but it make them more and EA knowing EA will move the goal post for obtaining the items the tradition way so far it best to purchase the items in order to keep up with the slackers whose only goal in life is to maintain there K/D and W/L ratios.

cancer is coming to gaming its called micro transactions.

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